The Greek kiwi

The Greek kiwi season is in full swing. Apostolos Tsinoglou, owner of the Greek fruit exporter Europe Export, states that they’re having a good season, despite the lower volumes. “Our current kiwi season is generally satisfactory. Although the quantity is 40 per cent less than in the previous year, the quality is better, and there are bigger kiwi sizes. This reduced quantity of kiwi, which is due to the high temperatures during the fertilization period, is the main reason of the better quality.”

The South American market seems to be opening up for Greek kiwi export, as Tsinoglou states that Brazil is a new destination for their fruits. “There is demand from the whole world, because the markets are rather empty. However, new agreements have been opened between Greece and Brazil, which is a new active destination for Greece, with better prices and consequently a stronger market. This is the first time that the kiwi exports are allowed to Brazil, so it’s the right time to seize the opportunity.”

Tsinoglou would also like to enter the market in Hong Kong, as he feels the kiwi prices there are very positive for the company: “We are active in Europe and India, with Italy being in first place when it comes to important markets. This season we would like also to enter Hong Kong, as the prices are higher, which means there is more profit to be made. Due to the lack of quantity and the high purchase kiwi price from the producers, the biggest challenge for us is to reach the intended quantities. We achieve this goal by working harder and constantly looking for new suppliers.”

As the quality of the Greek kiwi is on a good level, Tsinoglou is certain they’ll be able to bring their clients better products than in previous seasons: “For the remainder of the season, we expect to increase satisfaction among our customer base significantly compared to previous years. We work very hard to achieve this goal. We believe that Greece is in a good position in the next five years, as demand for Greek kiwi will only increase from all over the globe,” he concludes.

For more information:
Apostolos Tsinoglou
Europe Export 2016
Tel: +30 690 666 6996


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