Despite a slight delay, the season of Greek white asparagus has started well. “The quality of the early quantities is excellent, and larger quantities are expected to hit the market in about 10 days,” predicts Mehmet Bozkurt, managing director of MAB Quality LLC & Co.

First arrivals arrived last week, about 10 days later than planned, Bozkurt says. “The temperatures in the Greek asparagus-growing areas are still too low. In principle, we could have sold around 20 pallets a week now, whereas the current volume turnover is around 5-6 pallets a week.” Green asparagus is also expected to arrive in about 10 days, comprising about 20 percent of the total volume.

Mehmet Bozkurt offers Greek asparagus since this year, directly from the source

For the first time this year, the Dortmund-based fruit wholesaler is sourcing asparagus from a producer association based in the northeast Greek region of Xanthi, not far from the Greek asparagus stronghold of Kavala. “We have been the exclusive licensee of this cooperative since this year and are now allowed to offer the goods exclusively on the German market,” Bozkurt said.

Mehmet Bozkurt (r) recently visited the growers’ association in Xanthi, northern Greece.

Supplying wholesalers and retailers
The Greek vegetables ultimately end up in both wholesale and retail, Bozkurt further explains. “Our concern is to offer retailers high-quality imported asparagus parallel to the domestic season. We supply both service providers of the German and Austrian food retail trade and the local wholesale markets. The latter sales channel has gained in importance again, especially now in times of Corona.”

The asparagus is appropriately sorted and packaged before it reaches wholesalers or retailers

Turkish asparagus?
In addition to sourcing goods from Greece, Bozkurt also sees development potential for asparagus cultivation in neighboring Turkey in the long term. “We already have inquiries from growers who might be willing to grow asparagus for us. But now the question is to what extent this would be possible in practice. In contrast to green asparagus cultivation, the production of pale asparagus is much more complicated. You need certain know-how and harvesters who are familiar with the crop, which is why the conversion involves a certain lead time.”

For more information:
GF: Mehmet A. Bozkurt
Hugo-Pork-Straße 19
44141 Dortmund
Tel.: 0177 731 0009
Fax: 0231 3308410


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