Alongside next month’s Freskon exhibition in Thessaloniki where Poland is set to appear as the country of honour, visitors will be treated to conferences on apricots and kiwifruit, as well as a separate transport and logistics show

Freskon International Trade Show for Fruit & Vegetables returns to Thessaloniki, Greece, on 11-13 April, with Poland starring as this year’s country of honour.


Fifteen Polish companies are set to exhibit at this year’s show, which features a total of 200 exhibitors from 15 countries, alongside Freskon’s hosted buyers programme from 33 countries.

For the eighth year, organisers Tif-Helexpo will partner with Froutonea magazine to hold the Freskon FreshConMarket 2024, bringing together fresh fruit and vegetable industry professionals with buyers of leading European supermarket chains.

“Freskon is a reference point in the sector, as it is the largest meeting of producers and international retail groups, as well as of domestic and foreign fruit and vegetable distributors in south-east Europe, and it aims to highlight Greek production, stimulate trade and exports, and strengthen its openness in general,” the organisers stated.

“Stand-out participations this year include cooperatives, producers, fruit and vegetable wholesalers, importers/exporters, retailers, Greek and foreign supermarket chains, logistics companies, consulting companies, and certification companies. In addition, six regions and their local products will be represented.”

Side event Freskon Congress will be held on 11 April focused on apricots, featuring expert speakers from Greece and abroad to discuss issues such as varieties, diseases, cultivation practices, preservation, packaging and consumer behaviours.

On 13 April, Freskon will also host a kiwifruit forum, with the participation of experts from major European kiwifruit-producing countries, including Italy and Greece.

Alongside Freskon, a new transport and logistics exhibition will take place at the Thessaloniki International Exhibition Centre, the Logistics & Transport Thessaloniki Expo, organised by Omind Creatives in mutual cooperation with Tif-Helexpo.


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