Good volumes, but lower demand for Greek peaches and nectarines

Demand for Greek peaches is not at the level that exporters would like to see, especially since they have a lot of volumes available for clients, says Apostolos Tsinoglou, owner of the Greek fruit exporter Europe Export: “The Greek peach season is currently in full swing. However, despite the fact that there are large quantities of the peaches available, we don’t see a lot of demand at the moment. The quality of the Greek peaches is quite good, although they are slightly lower in quality than they were in the previous season. The peaches’ sizes are slightly smaller than they were last year, as we see a lot of size ‘A’ peaches. The same can actually be said about the nectarines from Greece.”

The prices for nectarines and peaches aren’t far apart, Tsinoglou emphasizes. “Looking at purchase prices from the peach growers, these prices sit at about 60 eurocents per kilogram, for nectarines this price is about 70 eurocents per kilogram. The export price for sales have reached 1 euro per kilo for peaches and 1.10 euro per kilo for nectarines, respectively.

Most of Europe Export’s peaches will find a destination in the European markets: “As our company name suggests, our export markets can mainly be found in European countries, such as Italy, the Netherlands, Poland and Spain. We certainly hope that demand will pick up in the coming weeks, as we do have significant volumes ready to go, and despite the slightly lower quality than last year, it’s still at a satisfactory level,” Tsinoglou concludes.

For more information:
Apostolos Tsinoglou
Europe Export 2016 P.C.
Tel: +30 69 066 66 996

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