Collaborating with growers in Italy, France, Greece, Japan, and Korea

Zespri consults on expanding kiwifruit supply from the Northern Hemisphere

Zespri is engaging with its growers regarding the expansion of kiwifruit production in the Northern Hemisphere, aiming to meet the rising demand for year-round fruit supply. The company collaborates with growers in Italy, France, Greece, Japan, and Korea, enhancing the New Zealand kiwifruit season. This initiative, known as Zespri Global Supply (ZGS), faces limitations on production capacity, which Zespri argues does not satisfy the increasing consumer demand. Currently, these regions are authorized to supply a combined total of 20 million trays of green kiwifruit annually, with a cultivation limit of 5,000 hectares for SunGold variety and 1,000 hectares for any new varieties.
In 2022, Zespri proposed to elevate these caps, but the proposal did not secure approval from the growers, who expressed concerns over potential oversupply and the maintenance of fruit quality. Zespri contends that without an increase in supply, competitors are likely to capture more market share.

Projections indicate that with the existing restrictions, Zespri will fulfill only 42% of the anticipated demand by 2033. Zespri is now soliciting feedback from growers on the future of ZGS and the potential adjustments needed to proceed with a formal vote on the matter. The consultation will explore the extent of area expansion, the duration of approval, and the requisite reporting mechanisms to ensure growers’ confidence in ZGS. Discussions on the proposal will be conducted through various platforms, including grower events and a survey scheduled for July.



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