90% of Fruit Attraction’s exhibition space is already booked, with an increased presence of Latin American exhibitors

“The growth in the number of exhibitors for this edition will make us go from 8 pavilions to 9”

The international fruit and vegetable fair Fruit Attraction – which this year celebrates its 15th anniversary – is still 4 months away, but 90% of the exhibition space has already been booked. For now, the fair’s exhibition space is growing by about 10% compared to the previous edition.

“This year, we expect to have more than 2,000 exhibiting companies from 55 different countries and welcome over 100,000 visitors of 137 nationalities,” said María José Sánchez, director of Fruit Attraction. “The growth in exhibitor participation for this edition will make us go from the 8 pavilions we originally planned to 9.”

Maria José Sánchez says that “the key to Fruit Attraction’s success is the support of the Spanish fruit and vegetable sector, which has taken ownership over the event. The fact is that it is a great privilege to have an international fair like this in Spain, comparable to other events with much more experience, such as Fruit Logistica in Berlin. Fruit Attraction has become a global event in which countries from all over the world come to sell products to buyers from all over the world.”

While it is true that most international participants are European, Maria José Sánchez highlighted the great growth in the number of exhibitors from the southern hemisphere, especially from Latin America, but also from South Africa, etc. “Fruit Logistica and Fruit Attraction are two fairs that complement each other well, because they take place at two different times of the year and meet different needs. However, last year we realized that with Fruit Logistica held on a different date, there were exhibitors from the southern hemisphere, especially from Latin American countries, who preferred Fruit Attraction and opted for this event. Following that experience, this year there will be an increased presence of them, choosing to come to a country which shares the same language, is closer culturally and has a better climate.”

About 70% of Madrid’s Fruit Attraction’s participants will be companies producing and marketing fresh fruit and vegetables, with the other 30% representing the auxiliary industry. The 15th edition will feature two sectors dedicated to innovation: Smart Agro and Biotech Attraction, which will bring to the spotlight issues such as the optimization of resources or the challenges of climate change. A boost will also be given to its Ecorganic Market and to Fresh Food Logistics, which continue to grow strongly.

“This year, we have chosen lettuce as the flagship product in order to give it visibility and boost its marketing potential. There will be various activities that will revolve around this product,” said Maria Jose Sanchez. “Also, Andalusia will be the guest region and main sponsor of the fair.”

The powerful International Buyers Program will once again be complemented with the Outstanding Importing Countries initiative, with Brazil, Canada and the United States as protagonists. “This will foster trade relations between European Union countries and these non-EU markets, through a full program of round tables, guided tours of the fair and B2B sessions. The choice of countries varies each year and depends on the potential for growth in the purchase of fruit and vegetable products,” says the director.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, there have been changes in the way events like this are conducted. “A lot of digitalization has been implemented, with communication through platforms such as Zoom, Teams etc. There are now digital variants, such as our Live Connect, which feature the complete catalog of the fair and allow also for match making, the possibility of arranging meetings, etc.”





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