Good participation rate for the next edition of Fruit Attraction

85% of the space is already reserved

The reservation of spaces to participate as an exhibitor in the next edition of Fruit Attraction is going at a good pace, as 85% of the space has already been reserved. In fact, several of the 8 pavilions of the fair’s upcoming in-person edition are already completely reserved, such as pavilions 7 and 9, which will mainly have national exhibitors, and pavilion 10, where companies that attend the fair independently and grouped participants will exhibit their products, stated the director of the fair, Raul Calleja. Pavilion 6, which is destined for the countries of the southern hemisphere, is also practically complete.

New areas of innovation, research, and technology
Fruit Attraction 2021 is working on three new areas of innovation, research, and technology that will be gathered in Pavilion 5: Biotech Attraction; Smart Agro, and Smart Water & Energy.

With the collaboration of Biovegen, Fruit Attraction incorporates the plant innovation hub into its Biotech Attraction program with the aim of bringing together and promoting technological innovation and business development opportunities based on innovation. A new specialized area, aimed at companies dedicated to research in the technological development of plant genomics.

Likewise, Smart Agro will once again be the specialized space for technology solutions companies in precision agriculture. It will focus on showing the latest developments in management products for agri-food companies and advanced mobility and analytics solutions, promoting agro-industrial transformation.

Fruit Attraction will also have the collaboration of AgroTech Spain, which aims to encourage and create business opportunities for agrotech. To this end, different initiatives such as AgroTech Tours will be launched, which will allow producers and other agents of the sector to contact the Techs that propose specific solutions.

Fruit Attraction is also incorporating Smart Water & Energy, oriented to water and renewable technologies in the agri-food sector. Smart Water is a new area that is aimed at addressing the technological transformation of water in horticulture to achieve the best and most efficient water use and crop productivity improvement.

Smart Energy was born with the aim of promoting the transformation of energy use in the sector as using renewable energy on fruit and vegetable farms is a valuable opportunity for farmers to reduce costs and emissions.




Publication date: Mon 12 Jul 2021



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