Overseas lemons & limes signal start of summer season at FMI

In the Netherlands, the first summer days are heralding the approaching vacation season. And, lemons and limes are dominating at FMI again.

The first lemons from Argentine have already arrived in Rotterdam. This year, FMI is again offering them in the characteristic Royal Fresh boxes. Their quality is exceptionally good this year. Demand for Argentine lemons is high. And this importer expects to get nice six and 18kg volumes every week this summer.

The last few weeks have been great for limes. The reopening of the hospitality sector has massively boosted lime consumption across Europe. Volumes from Brazil were limited too, which pushed prices up quickly. Volumes will pick up in the coming weeks, so prices should normalize. FMI gets arrivals of their own brands like Royal Fresh and Lime King. They, therefore, always have fresh limes available for customers.

FMI’s España SL team is also hard at work in their office in Alicante, Spain. Last season, they managed to deliver Spanish Royal Fresh lemons to FMI’s clients every week. FMI España sells not only lemons but also limes and other Spanish products.

You can find FMI’s assortment in their webshop, which is attracting more and more buyers.


Publication date: Mon 12 Jul 2021


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